Gas Efficiency & Cost Saving Tips

As all consumers know, with the trend in rising gas pump prices, people are searching for solutions to becoming more gas efficient.  What some people just don’t seem to realize is that there are more things that can be done in terms of saving pennies at the pump than just shopping around for the best price.  In an attempt to recognize some of the cost saving alternatives, it is very important to realize that the alternatives need to be used in conjunction with each other to maximize total fuel efficiency.  The following are just a couple ways to take advantage at the pump.

  • Purchase gasoline when it is coolest outside – According to automotive experts from Kelly Blue Book, drivers can help save their vehicle’s fuel economy by purchasing gasoline in the morning.  When consumers purchase gasoline, they are charged by the amount or volume of fuel they put in their vehicles, not by the density of gasoline itself.  As a result, it is recommended that consumers purchase gasoline at times when the temperature outside is the coolest and gasoline is at its densest.
  • Proper preventive maintenance – Keeping your vehicle tuned-up will greatly affect the vehicle’s gas efficiency.  Proper maintenance on other vehicle parts such as the air filter will also help burn less gas.  A dirty air filter results in the engine not getting enough of the air supply needed to run efficiently.
  • Keep tires properly inflated – Properly inflated tires is one of the cheapest ways to manage your gas fuel efficiency.  Some studies show that one out of every four drivers is driving with one or more tires under-inflated.  According to manufacturer’s recommendations, a tire under-inflated every 4 to 5 psi, (pounds per square inch), can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by over 10 percent resulting in diminishing tire tread life.
  • Get rid of unnecessary weight – Another fuel efficiency preserver would include getting rid of unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially in your trunk.  According to AutoZone, for every 200 pounds of weight in your vehicle represents an additional mile off your fuel efficiency.  Numerous drivers like to accumulate unnecessary things in their vehicle and removing those items could help reduce their costs at the pump.
  • Drive at moderate speeds & watch your driving habits – The faster you drive the more gas you use.  According to a survey done by the Automotive Fleet publication, drivers waste 15 percent more fuel by driving at speeds of 65 miles per hour rather than at 55 miles per hour.  If a driver wanted to conserve more of their fuel, a great way to begin is to simply follow the speed limits.  At acceleration, your vehicle requires an additional surge of fuel.  To gain your vehicle’s best fuel economy, drivers should pay attention to their driving behaviors and limit their aggressiveness on the road.
  • Reduce idling time – When your vehicle is idling, it is wasting fuel.  Shutting off your engine instead of idling for a long period of time will help in saving fuel costs.
  • Become energy conscious of your vehicle – Conserving your vehicle’s energy consumption is yet another critical practice in maximizing fuel economy.  One prime example, the air conditioner, is one of the biggest drains on your vehicle’s engine and fuel economy.  Use your air conditioner only when needed, if you can use your fan instead, it will immediately help save you gasoline.

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